Goulburn Valley Reining Horse Association Sponsorship 2019


In 2018, The Goulburn Valley Reining Horse Association has adopted a fresh approach to sponsorship!

It’s not what you can do for us, it's what we can do for you!


Select one of the predetermined sponsorship levels – or we can tailor an agreement that suits your needs!


GVRHA, based in Tatura Victoria, is one of the largest Reining clubs within Australia and including divisions in Tasmania and, new in 2018, South Australia, and attracting competitors from New South Wales, Victoria & Queensland, ensuring your business or product nationwide exposure!


Offering a yearly sponsorship partnership, GVRHA will utilise our media platforms to give you access to the coverage you want. With one of the hottest shows on the Reining calendar back for its 3rd year, The Buckle Up and Slide Reining Spectacular held in May, being the foundation for our partnership. We can offer you naming rights to minor and major classes and even the entire event! Products and businesses are welcome to attend with a trade stall. Show rugs will be embroidered with your business name, show rugs which will be proudly worn to multiple events nationwide for years to come, ensuring your 2019 sponsorship will not be forgotten. With an active Facebook page, we can share your news to a wider audience right up until the end of 20189 Your advertisement will be positioned on our website, a website often visited for club updates and documents, and featured in our major show program along with continued mentions during the course of the major show via our announcer. With around 100 competitors expected and even more in the crowd - What are you waiting for?


To keep it fair, we have different partnership levels on offer– these are listed just below.

Don't find something to suit your requirements? Contact us to tailor an individual arrangement!


Major Event and Club Sponsor:

Naming rights to the major event - Speak to us! Let’s work out an arrangement!


Gold Level ($1000):

Naming rights to one of the four feature classes at the big event –these are the ones filling the most seats in the stands - Open, Non Pro, Futurity and Maturity.

Your advertisements featured monthly on our Facebook, a permanent position on our website, your logo featuring in the footer of every page of the show program and your business or product mentioned heavily by the announcer during the show. Your business name is embroidered on the championship and reserve championship rugs - the class is all yours! In addition, the champions will receive a buckle or trophy which we welcome you to present at the show and make sure to give us some brochures to put in the competitor packs! And also, a large feature advert in the show program. Facebook advertisements will be placed quarterly but your logo or advert will be on the website for the whole year. You will be mentioned on a loop via our announcer at the May event and your advert will also feature in the show program as well.


Silver Level ($400):

Naming rights to one of the buckle classes - Intermediate NP & Open, Limited NP & Open, Rookie L1 &L2, Rookie Professional, Youth, Novice Horse Classes and Prime Time Non Pro – someof these classes are run concurrently but awards are presented separately.  Your business name will be embroidered onto the reserve champion rugs and you are welcomed to present the buckle and awards. We would love for you to have a trade stall and post us some brochures to put into our competitor packs. Facebook advertisements will be placed quarterly but your logo or small advert will be on the website for the whole year. You will be   mentioned on a loop via our announcer at the May event and your advert will also feature in the show program as well.

Bronze ($250):

This level is pretty similar to the silver, however there are no buckles on these classes – GVRHA Green Rider, RA Green Rider 1 & 2, GVRHA Mens, GVRHA Ladies and GVRHA Snafflebit. We have rugs or other trophy prizes on these classes, which we welcome you to present, and your business name will be featured on these – get in touch for a specific class list. Your logo or small ad will be on our Facebook quarterly for 2017. You will be mentioned in the announcer’s loops, show program.

Smaller Financial Sponsorship Amounts:

Chat to us - happy to work out an individual agreement! You might only be after one avenue of promotion such as the announcer’s loop, program or perhaps just want to have a trade stall!

Product Sponsorship:

Welcomed and valued! With so many varying products it’s hard for us to predict your sponsorship value.

Let’s chat and work out an arrangement that best suits you!

We have sponsorship contracts available - and a more in-depth sponsorship proposal if you wish to browse – just contact us!!

 We can be contacted via email at gvrha@outlook.com

We’re looking forward to forming a partnership with you in 2019!

2018 Valued Sponsors

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2018 Valued Sponsors

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