Welcome to 2019....

Welcome to the new show season.  We have had a change of committee members. Great to see some new fresh faces with Erin, Carole and Em. The new committee thanks the following members for the help during the 2018 season. A big shout out to Kat McLeod for taking over the Secretary's position last year.  Kat is staying on as a general committee member for 2019.  Thanks to Wendy Starr, Bruce Mundie, John and Jan Hateley and Chelsea Ragg for their contributions to keeping the club going in 2018. 


Jenny McDonald & Time To Shine
Pictured with GVRHA President Pam Spokes, buckle sponsor Mick Taylor of Spin Valley Ranch, judge Anthony Ross

2018 High Point Results
Congratulations to the following competitors;
High Point Green Rider- Helen Sproule
High Point Youth >14- Mikki Smith
High Point Youth <13- Adelaide Osler
High Point Limited Open- Robyn Ross
High Point Limited Non Pro- Amanda Parnell
High Point Primetime Non Pro- Robyn Ross
High Point Intermediate Open- David Norbury
High Point Intermediate Non Pro- Mikki Smith
High Point Rookie Level 1- Ashley Williams
High Point Rookie Level 2- Rita Mezo
High Point Open- David Norbury
High Point Non Pro- Robyn Ross
High Point Novice Open- Atomic Blonde
High Point Novice Non Pro- Little Hercules
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