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Entries close for our first show on Friday 2nd Feb, 2018. Login in to Nominate and enter now. 
Jan 2018:
February Show program is avaiable in the Forms and Documents section. Entries processed through Nominate and remember to have all your memberships up to date prior to entering. 
Happy New Year to all our Members and Sponsors.
Our 2018 website is now up and running. Our first show which is a Jackpot Show will be held at Tatura Park on the 10th and 11th Feburary. The program will be uploaded soon on the website with entry forms to follow.  Come and say g'day to the new committee and we look forward to seeing you all there.  All the 2018 show dates are in the "Whats On" tab and on the Reining Australia Website.
The Reining Australia AGM is being held at the Novatel Sydney Brighton Beach on Saturday 24th February, 2018 at 1pm followed by the Annual Dinner and High Point Awards Night starting at  6.30pm.More details can be found on the Reining Australia Website:( and their Facebook page.
Update after AGM

Natty & Sara are celebrating the awesome new GVRHA committee!!

Join us in welcoming Pam Spokes as President, Cameron Halliwell as Vice President, Brett McDonald as Treasurer and Kat McLeod & Wendy Starr as Co-Secretaries! With Suz Sims, Kerryn Prior, Kate Jeffery, Chelsea Ragg, Kerry Cribb and John & Jan Hateley as general committee members!

The future of GVRHA is very bright with these guys in charge!!

Message from the outgoing committee
As outgoing committee, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the members that have supported us throughout our time on the GVRHA committee.  As anyone that has ever been on the committee of a club like this, it takes commitment and dedication, as well as a great deal of personal sacrifice and the super power of being able to somehow fit in more hours of work than there are hours in the day – if I can say one thing it’s that time on a committee will give you multi-tasking skills like you never imagined!
We took over the club as a small committee initially with Sara as President, Nat as Secretary, Terri as Vice President, Sharon Smith as Treasurer and Suz as general committee member.  What this small team of five achieved that first year was beyond even our own imaginations.  Our baptism of fire was running our first show within three weeks of being elected!  Having survived that, we began plotting our three-year plan.  Between us we had a vision to create a brand new major event for the club, with feature classes and great prizes and prize money on offer, one that would run annually at the same time each year, to give the club a real presence and foothold on the reining calendar.  The logical time of year for this was early May, which didn’t leave us much time to prepare.  We were optimistic we thought, budgeting for 50 riders and 150 runs over two days.  How wrong could we have been!!
When entries closed 90 horses and 250 runs later, we had ourselves a club record-breaking show on our hands.  Overwhelmed was one word that came to mind, there were others too but not suitable to share with a PG audience.  Somehow, our little team of five pulled it off, not without plenty of sleepless nights, a few hiccups here and there and many moments of questioning our own sanity.  Two accountants, a sparky, a nurse and a hairdresser all learnt more that weekend than I think we ever have in all our professional careers put together!!!  Of course, none of it would have been possible without the help of the members and non-members that put in so much effort to help us get through it – special mentions to Kerryn & Bron, John & Jan Hateley, Alan Smith and Mick Taylor in particular.
Thankfully we gained a larger committee base the following year, with Kerryn & Bron and Alan & Mikki Smith and John coming on board in official capacities.  Throughout 2016, with shows and training days receiving record entries and our major show increasing in sponsorship and prize money, as well as an increase in attendance to over 100 horses, it was evident that our plan was gaining traction!  Sharon, Alan, Mikki, John & Bron decided to retire from committee life at the end of 2016.  The void they left was filled with the addition of our newest committee members – Kate, Pam, Chelsea & Georgia – each of whom brought with them a fresh set of ideas and skills!  There were a few changes to the Executive this year also with Sara stepping down as President and transferring to the role of Treasurer, Suz stepping up to the Vice President position and Terri taking on the role of President, before running off to QLD to become a Slider – a little birdy tells us the Queenslanders haven’t quite mastered the skill of partying with the Tez as yet!  Nat stayed on as Secretary, partly because no one else wanted to do it, but mostly because she was good at it so she wasn’t really offered a choice.
We were fortunate to receive into our care an already financially secure club when we took over from the previous committee, and we are pleased to hand over an equally financially secure club to the next committee.  Our goal was to run the club at a break even and to put any profits that we made back into the club, more specifically the major event by way of prize money and prizes, whilst retaining the bank balance we began with.  It would have been easy to spend money carelessly, and it may have made us a lot of friends to splash the cash around in the short term, but we are proud to have achieved what we have, including the creation and running of a major show, whilst maintaining the finances of the club responsibly with the long-term future of the association in mind.
As well as the major show, we also wanted to nurture and build on the social atmosphere that GVRHA was already well known for.  We ran an array of social events, the enjoyment level of which often directly correlated with the quantity of alcohol consumed!!!  An unexpected bonus of these social gatherings, was the solid reputation gained for such BBQ delights as cold snags and soggy coleslaw!  Maybe the next committee will continue with the tradition, or maybe they’ll up our game and serve up crispy garden salad instead!!
During our time on committee, it is fair to say we have had to make difficult decisions at times, we’ve had to say ‘no’ and enforce the rules more times than we care to remember – we discovered that some people take it better than others!  But one thing is for certain, we can leave knowing that every single member has been subjected to the same rules and conditions, never wavering from what was right and fair.  It doesn’t matter to us whether you turn up in a $100k rig, if you’re a beginner just starting out or a trainer – everyone is equal and treated as such.  We’ve never enjoyed saying ‘no’, and it is possible that we may have lost some friends along the way, but I can confidently say we have made many more than we have lost.
So, with thanks to every single person – both members and non-members, sponsors and committee – who have contributed to the success of the association to date, we now entrust the club to the incoming committee, and wish them all the best in continuing to ensure the future success of GVRHA, in whichever form that takes.






First show of the season, done and dusted! High five to all for helping to shape a great show!! SNAPS FOR ALL!

It was hot hot hot Friday night and Saturday and with an extremely quiet warm up pen, it was clear normal show routines were adjusted to ensure the welfare of your horses. We had some great suggestions mentioned to us during the show and we look forward to seeing these implemented by those members.

As always it takes many hands to make shows work. First there was Mick and Team, grooming the arena and dropping off the Van ( shout out for housing the Van all year) and then Robyn who opened stables for those who arrived. Now I don't know if it was the thought of having to do my tasks all show or the heat, actually I'm pretty sure it was the heat..., but I have been told not a soul entered the arenas prior to 6pm. HIGH FIVE SISTERS.

With a quick setup, in which we discovered we are down a few orange cones to cone off the loitering areas ( anybody got some lying around to donate?!), we fished our president out of the cattle water trough and retired to some air-conditioned comfort. Cheers to Robyn for putting her hand up to open up on Saturday morning and to Alan for providing Suz with some more training on the drag. Hands up to all who helped out on the gate - Kate N, Deb, Tony, Jodie - and the reining power couple, Jan and John, who worked the gate and scribed simultaneously. SAY WHAT. Loitering in the warm up pen was generally kept to the designated areas - I heard Sara was making anybody who was incorrectly loitering be a safety cone for half an hour. Well played. Nobody wants to be a safety cone.

With the temp peaking in the high 30's, the slight breeze was not enough to even ruffle David Norbury's hair, so all those who were keen bolted straight for the pool at the end of the day. Nothing like a bunch of mismatched reiners jumping in either full clothed or with stunning farmers tans to catch the life guards attention. No flips, they said. NO FLIPS.

Super evening was had by all on Saturday night - was fantastic to have some live music and let our hair down. Plenty of smiling faces enjoying a cool beverage after a long day, Jack and Rose Dawson even made an appearance on the back of the F250. HUGE shout out to Sam Smith and Cameron Halliwell for organising and sponsoring the evenings entertainment. Thanks to Mel for bringing an extra fridge - My coronas weren't going to cool themselves. Again - Tony the trooper was spotted cooking up a storm on the BBQ #skills and high five to Tez for ensuring there was plenty of soggy coleslaw for all.

With cooler conditions on Sunday, we slid into a lunchtime finish and all hands were on deck for the pack up. Ladies and Gents, we have pretty much made it. 96.8% of the stables were cleaned and closed. If Oprah came to our show, she would be giving you all a car. For those two that left a mess and didn't close their doors, we know who you are.

Thanks to our judge Lynda and to Pam for hosting. As always, cheers to the rest of the committee- Suz, Kate, Kerryn, Pam, Tez, Sara - for doing what needs to be done and being all round multitasking legends.


Our next event is late april, followed by the BIG ONE in May. Stay tuned for details. Until then.





Exciting news - entries for the February show are now open ONLINE via NOMINATE!!! 


Link to the event can be found here Entries close Friday 3rd February and late entries will not be accepted so make sure to get them in on time!  Show program & conditions are attached for your convenience but can also be found via the link.


Online entry is a new concept for us and a lot of time has been spent checking all the details in the setup and running test runs through the system, however if you do find any glitches please be patient and report back to us so we can attend to it!


You may also pay your 2017 membership with your entries via this format! You will see that we are running a BBQ on Saturday night with our high point award presentations, this is free for GVRHA members and we request a $5 donation for non-members. You are able to tell us how many will be attending during the entry process and any payment required will be added to the total.


We request that you upload your documents i.e. NRHA, RA, Affiliate memberships and horse licenses through the software where indicated and where applicable. You will need to scan all your membership documents into one document as multiple uploads cannot be processed.


We encourage everyone to be open minded to this change in our entry process and to give the software a try. The show committee are extremely busy and it is essential that everyone tries to help lighten the burden on our show staff who volunteer their time. Of course if you have a genuine problem with any aspect of processing your entries please get in contact with us so we can help you!


- GVRHA Committee 




A great day was had at the GVRHA AGM today - thanks to all who came down to join us in recapping the year and electing the new committee!

As outgoing President I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee and members for their support in this role for the last two years. It is sometimes not an easy job, however with such a great team of volunteers beside me, it has been both fulfilling and rewarding to see all our ideas for the club come to fruition and I'm proud of what we have achieved together.


The time has come now to hand the Presidential reins over to the next victim, I mean, candidate(!!) - Terri Jones - who has been the best Vice President a girl could ask for and I'm sure will be an even better President!

A very big thank you to the outgoing committee members Sharon Smith, Alan Smith, Mikayla Smith, Bron Grundell and John Hateley - your hard work has been so very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy your newly found free time!

Welcoming the newly elected committee:

President - Terri Jones
Vice President - Suz Sims
Secretary - Natalie Plain
Treasurer - Sara Agnew (they couldn't get rid of me that easy!!)
General Committee - Georgia Mundie, Kate Jeffery, Hayley Kinder, Chelsea Ragg, Pam Spokes & Kerryn Prior

Here's to another great year for GVRHA in 2017 - please remember to treat your committee with kindness and respect, committee members have feelings too you know!

Over to you Prez Tez :D

- Sara Agnew - Outgoing President



Buckle Up and Slide Entry Pack now available! 


We would like to express our gratitude to Katherine Kelderman and Parkview Riding Centre Steph Lancefield for putting on a fantastic clinic for GVRHA at the weekend! The generous donation of Katherine's time sharing her knowledge and the fantastic venue are greatly appreciated! All funds raised by this clinic will go into GVRHA Buckle Up & Slide 2016, 18th - 22nd May 2016 to be held at Tatura Park - thank you to all participants also for your attendance at the clinic, we hope a great day was had by all!! ������


April Training Day and Green Rider Mini Show program and entry pack now available in forms and documents!


Buckle Up and Slide Prize Money released!



Thanks to the kindness and generosity of some wonderful sponsors, we are running an amazing raffle with the top prize being a PORTABLE GAS HOT WASH SYSTEM!!! Plus there are also many more fantastic prizes all the way down to 10th place!!

Check out the flyer for more details of all the prizes on offer, and stay tuned to the Facebook page for an upcoming album showcasing all the prizes and sponsors! 

Tickets are the bargain price of $5 EACH or 5 FOR $20 - tickets on sale from this weekend so if you're interested in purchasing tickets or would like a book to sell drop us a line at

Raffle will be drawn SATURDAY 21ST MAY 2016 at the GVRHA BUCKLE UP & SLIDE REINING SPECTACULAR 2016 at Tatura Park - all proceeds go towards the running of this new major show so make sure to get on board to be in with the chance of winning one of the TEN fantastic prizes up for grabs!!



Buckle Up & Slide Program of events released! Head to Buckle Up & Slide tab for more information!





GVRHA Members,
Please find under forms and documents tab, Notice of Special General Meeting and Agenda to propose the Special Resolution for changing GVRHA's accounting date.  Page 2 provides more detailed explanation of the proposal.  
The meeting will take place at the GVRHA 'Be My Valentine' Reining Show at 8:30pm Saturday 13th February in the indoor arena.  If you would like further information regarding the proposal please contact the President, Sara Agnew, on this email or by phone 0458 316 059.
Regards, GVRHA Committee